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Late last week, we received a call from a customer in Medfield MA, who needed a tree removed from their backyard. They said that the tree was very old, which made both the neighbors and them nervous about it falling, harming a person and property.

The tree was located in the corner of the yard, so a lot of the branches were hanging over the neighbor’s newly built two car garage. We asked the neighbor if we could park our truck in their driveway, so that we could cut down the dead branches hanging over their yard.

Once we removed all the dead branches, we were able to safely take down the tree, piece by piece. The family also wanted the stump removed.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we have been removing dead trees from homes in Medfield MA since 2009; for more information or to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.


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