What Is a Lawn Renovation & Do I Need One?

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If not properly cared for lawns can deteriorate over time. Factors such as poor maintenance, inadequate drainage, heavy traffic, pest problems, weed invasions or incorrect grass species being planted could all lead to the deterioration of a lawn. If you lawn has not fully deteriorated you may be able to bring it back to life without a full lawn renovation. By taking better care of your lawn and beginning regular maintenance you may be able to avoid a full lawn renovation.

Renovation usually isn’t necessary until approximately 20-25% of the lawn is bare or covered with weeds. If it is simply a localized problem you could be able to partially renovate your lawn through overseeding or patching. Patching is when you add seeds, sod, sprigs, plugs and more to patches of your lawn to help bring them back to life.

If over 40% of your lawn is dead or suffering from severe problems you may need to completely renovate.  With a complete lawn renovation, you are essentially starting over from scratch. A lawn renovation involves planting grass seed into an existing lawn area, often adding new grass varieties to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade, or wear.

Our lawn renovation is a series of steps that combine dethatching, aeration, slice seeding, and if needed adding some loam into areas of the lawn. We then heavily seed and fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer to help bring the lawn back. To find out more about our lawn renovation services or to get a free quote contact us today!

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