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Traditionally, pruning is carried out during the winter months, but not all types of vegetation respond well to pruning. If your plants are already huge, pruning them during the winter will only make them grow faster. Removing water sprouts and suckers will produce at least two to three times more during the following summer. Shrubs and trees can be pruned at different times to get different results because each plant responds differently to pruning.


The ideal time to prune any shrub or tree depends on how fast it grows and flowering. The amount of pruning will depend on the speed of the tree’s growth and the density of branches. This can only be gauged by experience. Take note of the most dense branches and produce the best result. Then prune those branches to obtain even better results.


If you prune deciduous shrubs and trees during the winter when they are dormant, you will have much denser growth when the spring arrives. Pruning reduces the amount of buds that share the food stores in the roots; therefore, each remaining bud will have more food available. If you prune deciduous shrubs during the summer season, the plants will grow slower next spring. Due to summer pruning, the number of total leaves is reduced, which means less food in the storage, which in turn causes slow growth in the upcoming spring.


We recommend pruning young shrubs and trees during the winter, which encourages fruit trees to grow more rapidly. For fully mature and overgrown deciduous shrubs and trees, you should aim to prune them during the summer season to reduce their growth speed. Too much pruning during the summer will stunt the growth, and pruning during the winter will cause a lot of water sprouts and suckers.


Pruning during late spring will neither slow down nor speed up the growth, so neglected plants should be pruned in this season. It is also the ideal time to prune fruit-bearing trees since you will have a good idea about the food-producing branches. It is also the best time to remove water sprouts and suckers.


As you can see, pruning is a complex process requiring intimate knowledge of various trees that grow on your lawn. If you are still confused and want professional help, we are here to help. Let us take care of your pruning and other gardening needs.

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