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Slice seeding is important because it helps your grass and soil grow stronger and healthier, just in time for the fall and winter seasons!

Slice seeding is perfect for athletic fields like soccer and football fields; athletic fields take a lot of punishment from cleats, spreading these seeds will help repair damaged grass and soil.

We also recommend this service for thinning lawns and for lawns who have been infected with diseases and insects. Slice seeding, quite similar to the magic of Rogaine for thinning hair, can help regrow grass and strengthen your soil.

Seeds give the strength soil needs to fight off diseases and insect invasions. Slice seeding will help feed soil the nutrients it needs to grow strong enough to fight off insects and diseases.

Slice seeding is part of our Fall Lawn Maintenance services. For more information or for a free estimate on our slice seeding services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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