When Is the Best Time of Year for Lawn Renovation?

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Have you tried every trick in the book and it still seems like no matter what you do you are unable to achieve the healthy, green lawn you have always dreamed of? If this sounds like you, it may be time for a lawn renovation or even a complete lawn installation.

Lawn renovation involves planting of new grass seed into an existing lawn area to help bring a dead lawn back to life. Often, this involves adding new grass varieties to help repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade or wear. A lawn installation involves the complete removal of old brown grass to leave room for new sod to be laid down.

Early Fall is the best time of year for lawn renovations and installation because the environmental conditions are favorable and weed competition is much lower than in the spring. During the spring you have to compete with things like crabgrass and other weeds that could cause issues when it comes to your lawn renovation. This also gives you time to reseed your lawn and for the lawn to become established before winter arrives.

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