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After a long winter, it can be hard to decide when the right time to start spring cleaning, both inside and outside your home. We’re here to teach you when to start cleaning and go over some of the spring lawn cleanup basics you can use to get started! 

Getting Started 

The exact time to start spring lawn cleanup can vary depending on your location, but for most areas, sometime in March is the ideal time. You want to wait until winter’s last frost and any remaining snow and ice have had time to melt. If you start spring cleaning your lawn too early, you may redo most of the work once winter has officially ended. Don’t be fooled by one or two warm days that feel like spring – look up the weather predictions for your area to get the best estimate of when the last frost will be.

Don’t get ahead of yourself with planting flowers or throwing down grass seed just yet, though. Now is the time to focus on making things look neat and clean so you’ll have a good canvas to start from as the weather continues to warm up. 

Clearing & Cleaning 

Spring lawn cleanup is no small task, and if one thing is for sure, you’ll have trash and lawn debris to haul away! Depending on the size of your lawn, it may be helpful to hire a professional to remove the debris from your property. Pick up sticks, remove any leftover leaves from fall, clean up pet waste, and prepare your lawn to look its best as the grass starts to thrive during warmer temperatures. 


If you know there’s a tree or bush that needs to be trimmed, do it before the debris is hauled away! Otherwise, you’ll end up doing the cleanup process twice. Lawn debris cannot be put in with regular trash pickup most of the time, but you can contact your trash removal company to find out their specific policies.

Preparing for Summer

Once you’ve got a clean lawn to start with, you can really start to gear up for summer! Edge your yard, trim the bushes and trees, and aerate and reseed patchy grass areas. All of that work can feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve already spent a lot of time and energy cleaning up the lawn.


Save yourself hours of work and stress by hiring Lola’s Landscape for your spring cleanup services. We’re the experts at all things lawns, including spring cleaning! Whether you have a small yard or acres, we have the tools and manpower to make light work of your springtime lawn transformation. 


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