Why Aeration is Important

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Even if your lawn is well maintained, you still need aeration to keep it healthy enough to fight of diseases and insects; aeration will strengthen your soil.

Most yards, both front and back, have a lot of foot traffic; over time foot traffic can really do some damage to your soil; the more foot traffic your yard receives, the more compact it becomes. Trust us, you don’t won’t your soil to be compacted too much!

Aeration opens up your soil; it essentially lets it breath. Once your soil is opened up, it is exposed to sunlight and rain water; sunlight and rain water is, of course, essential to having a healthy soil that is strong enough to fight off diseases and insects.

We usually offer this service in the fall because there aren’t any weeds currently growing, and because your grass grows the best during this season.

For more information about our aeration services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584; now is the time to schedule an aeration appointment, before we become too busy!

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