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Mosquitoes, nobody like them. They are pesky and can ruin a great outdoor activity, not to even mention the itchy bites mosquitoes cause. Not only do mosquitos bother humans, they can cause issues for pets and surrounding Massachusetts wild life thanks to blood transferred pathogens.Mosquito

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, they can cause a serious threat to public health. Believe it or not, international travel has increased the diseases introduced the US in recent years. Mosquitos can carry scary diseases such as west nile and dengue, which can seriously harm or cause death to humans and pets.

Mosquito Control in Franklin, Norfolk, & Wrentham MA

Mosquito control experts around MA and New England have a few methods that can effectively and safely counter dangerous mosquito populations. Known as Integrated Mosquito Management (or IMM for short), this includes a few steps in the process.

Surveillance:  Traps are used to identify what species of mosquitoes are breeding in the specific areas and find out if this is a potential of disease risks.

Source Reduction: This step ensures there are limited, if any breeding areas for the mosquitoes in or around populated areas. This could mean removing any standing water like dumping unused bird baths, cleaning out gutters, or taking care of unused pools. While this might not be entirely possible to remove all standing water from an area, even removing a little can help.

Larvicide: If source reduction fails or is tough to achieve, larviciding is necessary. Essentially this step in the process is intended to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching into adult mosquitoes. Consult a mosquito control expert to help identify which mosquito control method would be suit the area you are trying to address.

Adulticide: This method if intended to rid areas of adult mosquitoes. Even with larvicide it is impossible to eradicate all of the larvae so to control adult mosquitoes there is the application of adulticides to keep population levels down.

Management: Once all other steps have been completed, there is still work to be done to ensure that the mosquito control methods are successful in removing risk. Mosquitoes have a keen ability to adapt and over the course of the summer it is possible for mosquitoes to develop resistance to pesticides. Monitoring the possible resistance to different chemicals and keeping in touch with your nearby mosquito control experts to ensure populations are not returning to your property is critical.

An integrated mosquito management program is integral to the success of keeping the mosquito population down in your area.

If you have any questions regarding mosquito control or mosquito spraying in the Norfolk County area Lola’s Landscape has the experienced staff and equipment to safely reduce the mosquito population on your property, keeping your family safe and allowing you to fully enjoy your summer. Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call anytime to get started today (774) 248-4584.

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