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It doesn’t take long for a yard to become overgrown. Certain weeds are resilient to the effects of climate conditions, and when not controlled can quickly become overgrown. Woody plants such as trees and vines often develop in an overgrown location as well. It’s easy to let these areas of your yard get overgrown and out of control, especially if you own a large plot of land. Without proper attention, most areas will eventually revert back to their natural woody state.

This is why it’s important to periodically cut down ant unwanted overgrowth and brush growing on the border of your property. Cleaning overgrowth not only improves the overall appearance of your yard it also helps keep unwanted plant and animal life where it belongs. If you did not clean up overgrowth periodically you backyard and the woods would begin to mesh and plant and animal life could begin to creep into your yard.

Once your overgrown debris is cleaned up this now gives you the option of planting grass and ornamental shrubs where all the brush used to be. By adding grass here will give you borders of your property a more groomed appearance while still having a natural feel.

Don’t tackle this area on your own. Contact the professionals at Lola’s Landscape, we can get your yard looking cleaned up and clear of all overgrowth in no time. Let us do the dirty work and all you have to do is enjoy your yard again.

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