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Outdoor to-do lists are something that most people associate with the warm weather in spring and summer, but the best time to upgrade your deck is before that warm weather strikes! Upgrading your deck now allows you to enjoy all of these wonderful benefits all season long, along with so many others too. Check out these benefits from the professionals at Lola’s Landscape!

Visual Appeal

The first obvious perk of upgrading your deck is the visual appeal. Modernized fixtures and a new stain will bring life into an outdated and bland deck space. Your new deck will be more visually appealing not just for you, but for any of your guests too. When you have a deck you aren’t proud of, it becomes a habit to keep guests inside. With your upgrade, that hiding will become a thing of the past! 

Encourage More Outdoor Time

When you have a deck that you love, your guests won’t be the only ones spending more time outside. You and your family members will find themselves getting a little more time in the great outdoors when all they have to do is step out the backdoor to find it! This encourages your children to spend more time away from screens, allows you to reconnect with nature, and utilizes one of the largest areas of your property. 


If your back-yard lacks privacy from your neighbors, a deck remodel is the answer. when you remodel your deck, choose a lattice or privacy fence to turn your yard into your own private space. Lattice is a great option if you want to gain privacy without losing any of the sunshine and cool breezes. To create a deck best fitted to your individual space, it is best to consult with a professional landscaper. 


Not every deck is right for every family, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t be upgraded and turned into the perfect deck for you! Consider what you use your deck for, or what you’d like to use it for, before planning a remodel. Add an outdoor bar, a space for a grill, or whatever else you think would improve the functionality of the deck for your lifestyle.

Increased Property Value

A modern deck automatically increases the property value of your home and will encourage people to buy if you ever plan on selling. Your deck is an area that you can upgrade without breaking the bank, while greatly improving your property value. 

Hire Lola’s Landscape to begin planning your deck upgrade before the warm weather hits and you’ll be able to enjoy the space through all of the warmer months! No matter how big or small your budget may be, there’s an upgrade that can be done to improve the quality of your outdoor oasis. Call us today at 774-248-4584. 

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