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If you’re a homeowner, then you know that winter is one of the hardest times to maintain your lawn. Not only are you dealing with the falling branches, leaves, and debris, but you also have to remove snow from your lawn. To remove snow from your lawn, depending on the size, you might need to get help from professionals

Having dry leaves and snow loitering your lawn can lead to damage to the lawn. This is because that extra layer of leaves kills the grass by smoldering them and competing for nutrients.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the benefits attached to curbside leaf removal and the best tips on how to get a clean lawn.

Advantages of Leaf Removal During Winter


  1. Removing leaves helps your lawn grow without restriction: While the yellowish-brown leaves of autumn can look like they are decorating your lawn, in the real sense, they are killing it. The lawn derives its energy from sunlight so if the light source is blocked off, then the lawn won’t thrive. We offer spectacular leaf removal services that will help you clear your lawn of leaves in no time at all.


  1. Leaf removal helps kill bacteria and fungi and stops the formation of mold: An unkempt lawn is dangerous not only for your lawn but also for you and those who live around you. When the leaves become damp and start to rot, it creates a wet blanket across your lawn. This blanket absorbs moisture and in turn, becomes an optimal environment for formation of fungi and the growth of other forms of bacteria. Mold which is also formed from damp, rotten leaves, is especially dangerous to humans as they have toxic spores. When a human or animal inhales these spores, it can lead to a series of respiration ailments. The best way to avoid any of this will be to get those leaves off your lawn as soon as possible before they become a problem.


  1. Leaf removal destroys harmful pests and vectors: Another danger of leaving your leaves to pile up is that animals such as snakes and moles hide under the thick layer of leaves. Some of these pests stay below the leaves for shelter from the sun, while others take the opportunity to borrow into your soil and, therefore, ruin your lawn. Animals like moles and rats use this opportunity to ruin your lawn in search of food and a home to live in. If nothing is done soon, you’ll realize that before long, you have a mini zoo on your lawn. This also puts your loved ones and pets at risk as they can easily be attacked when walking through the lawn.


Do You Need Your Lwn Taken Care this Winter?

Depending on how large your lawn is and how big the trees around your house are, leaf removal during winter can really be a nightmare. Lucky for you. However, we at Lola’s Landscape produce some of the best lawn services in Franklin and its surrounding towns. We have a team of experts that can help clear your lawn and also dispose of all the curbside leaves too.

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