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Preparing your backyard for fun would be best since spring is quickly approaching. You might need a few essential items to have your garden in tip-top shape.

This article clarifies the essential gardening tools for spring that you should have in the garage before springtime arrives so you can participate in all the enjoyable activities.


Make sure you have protection with a set of gloves even before beginning your weekly yard maintenance. Work gloves can shield your hands from thorns, wounds, blisters, scrapes, and wear and tear, depending on your task. Many options are available on the market, but pick a well-fitting, sturdy, and comfy pair.

Garden Trowel and Fork

You will need some essential gardening tools when preparing the soil and working with your plants. These two gardening tools can assist in removing weeds that have become entrenched. Use your trowel to dig the ground and plant other seeds or bulbs. You can then use a garden fork to tear up the dirt if it’s complex.

Hoe and Rake Garden Tools

Your spring garden cannot function without the garden rake and hoe tool. The tools will be crucial in assisting you with spring-cleaning your grounds and preparing your garden beds for the upcoming season. The hoe tool can help cultivate a fertile growth environment while assisting in weed removal and soil preparation.

Pruning Shears & Hedge Trimmers

A pruning shear can assist you in making more delicate cuts, such as removing the inflorescence to encourage reflowering and aid in the plants’ future growth. Cutting back branches and eliminating vines are two great uses for hedge trimmers. Pole hedge trimmers are necessary to reach higher branches safely without a ladder, allowing you to cut taller branches.

Spreaders and Sprayers

Investing in a broadcast granular spreader will help keep your grass in good condition. It functions by evenly dispersing fertilizer across a large area.

Using a pressurized herbicide spray can treat weeds on the spot. A backpack sprayer with four gallons or more capacity can be a good investment if your yard is more than half an acre.

Lawn Mower

This is another crucial tool for springtime yard cleanup. This season is the perfect time to mow your lawn frequently. Adding a mulching attachment may give you the ideal instrument to clear your yard of waste and leaves.

Time to Get Started

Spring brings exciting gardening activities. With the right tools, you can spruce your garden to full bloom. But if you’re looking for expert care, contact us for professional advice. Lola’s Landscape has helped several homeowners and local businesses with essential lawn care. Our team of qualified gardeners is committed to helping you bring new life to your garden space, from routine maintenance to large-scale overhauls. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care service.


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